Is it safe for women to hitchhike alone?

The Times 30 April 2009

It is a dreary Tuesday afternoon and I’m standing at a deserted service station just outside Newcastle. I have been here for more than an hour. This is why people shun hitchhiking for more conventional modes of transport, I think.

Five years on, did first mass asbo succeed?

The Guardian 27 August 2008

They were dubbed the Malevolent Seven. At the height of asbomania, a group of youths earned what is thought to be the first mass antisocial behaviour order for terrorising their local area, urinating on doorsteps and stealing. The media leapt on the story, keen to reprint tales of these “monsters” who had racked up more than 100 convictions between them, and the new “get tough” powers of the police. Asbos, it was hoped, would stop the criminals of tomorrow falling deeper into crime.

Lap dancing: the daily grind

Times2 19 June 2008

Fiona, 29, is a peroxide blonde mother of two, who juggles a job selling media space with lap dancing two nights a week. She loves the money that she can make through her night job, but is starting to tire of the occupational hazards. “The thing that I hate most – it sounds really trivial – is when a customer’s breath smells, that’s gross. Or when they try to touch you or push you for more, which happens a lot.”