‘Too many skills and resources are sucked down to London’

The Times 24 August 2015

It was a gift for the cynics. This year George Osborne renamed a train Northern Powerhouse as a symbol of the project he has undertaken to devolve powers to the northern cities, drive investment there and rebalance Britain’s economy away from London and the southeast.

Northern powerhouse can help close wealth gap with the south

The Times 15 June 2015

“This is a revolution in the way we govern England,” said the chancellor, George Osborne, fresh from election victory, as he fleshed out plans for the northern powerhouse in a converted warehouse in Salford last month. “The old model of trying to run everything in our country from the centre of London is broken. It is time for you to take control of your own affairs,” he told the assembled group of dignitaries.

Stem cell therapy will cure cancer and make blind see

The Times 20 August 2014

On the twelfth floor of Guy’s Hospital, next to the Shard, is a gleaming laboratory with panoramic views of London. To the untrained eye, it looks rather like a room full of photocopiers, microwaves and washing machines — but the equipment in here sets pulses racing for the scientists who come to stir, spin, modify, test and manufacture cells within its spotless glass walls.

An industrial revolution that begins in a sandpit

The Times 19 August 2014

‘In the future, 30 or 40 years from now, as the scarcity of resources comes to bite across the world, being good at manufacturing could be as important as being good at defence.” Hamid Mughal, the director of manufacturing at Rolls-Royce, might be biased, but many countries appear to agree.

Is it safe for women to hitchhike alone?

The Times 30 April 2009

It is a dreary Tuesday afternoon and I’m standing at a deserted service station just outside Newcastle. I have been here for more than an hour. This is why people shun hitchhiking for more conventional modes of transport, I think.

Lap dancing: the daily grind

Times2 19 June 2008

Fiona, 29, is a peroxide blonde mother of two, who juggles a job selling media space with lap dancing two nights a week. She loves the money that she can make through her night job, but is starting to tire of the occupational hazards. “The thing that I hate most – it sounds really trivial – is when a customer’s breath smells, that’s gross. Or when they try to touch you or push you for more, which happens a lot.”