Climate goals caught in a litigation trap

The Telegraph 6 June 2021

It was hailed as a “stunning victory” for climate change activists. A Dutch court last month ruled that Shell would have to cut its CO2 emissions by 45pc by 2030 compared to 2019 levels. It was the first time a large company had been legally obliged to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, marking what some said was a historic moment in the fight against global warming.

Dirty white elephants

SourceMaterial and The Telegraph

Incinerators were supposed to be a panacea, turning the UK’s waste mountain into clean energy. A SourceMaterial investigation found that the government is committing hundreds of millions of pounds of public money to an industry riddled with conflicts of interest, and far less green or cost-effective than it appears.

Microsoft’s Ballmer and his ‘brother’ Bill Gates

The Telegraph 15 October 2007

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is renowned for his whooping enthusiasm. This is the man who ripped his vocal cords while rallying the troops, who has been immortalised on YouTube screaming and jumping on stage in a terrifying display of hyperactivity.

SAP still rising as prog rock fan rolls on

The Telegraph 13 August 2007

Last time you bought something from the supermarket, it was most likely shipped using software powered by German giant SAP. The third biggest software company in the world quietly lubricates millions of business dealings each day with Teutonic efficiency.

Business profile: Lord Bilimoria – King Cobra stings rivals

The Telegraph 23 June 2007

Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea confides: “My great-grandfather was in the police and he had the unpleasant task of having to arrest Mahatma Gandhi three times.” By a simple twist of fate Bilimoria’s grandfather, a colonel in the Indian army, went on to protect Gandhi at the time of India’s independence. There was an awkward moment, so the story goes, when India’s new leader realised this man was in fact the son of his former captor but it fast evaporated.

IT providers left in the debris of NHS’s ‘big bang’

The Telegraph 28 September 2006

The Government’s hugely ambitious National Programme for IT, which aims to create electronic patient records and link all the NHS IT systems across the country, is a laudable attempt to drag the National Health Service kicking and screaming into the 21st century. However, the 10-year pounds 6.2bn project has been beset with controversy and delays.

A winning strategy based on innovation

The Telegraph 3 July 2006

Waiting for Larry Ellison, chief executive of enterprise software giant Oracle, is a lot like waiting for a rock star, with endless flunkies preparing the way as the tension mounts and the minutes tick by. That feeling is only compounded by the fact that we sit waiting on his 452.5ft yacht (complete with basketball court), floating somewhere off the east coast of Spain.