David and Goliath struggle over national transfer of power

The Times 10 October 2016

If you search for an energy deal on a price comparison website, the chances are several unfamiliar names will crop up. Long-dominated by British Gas, E.ON, EDF, SSE, ScottishPower and Npower, there has been a flood of entrants to the market, with 14 new suppliers in the past year. Down from 99 per cent in 2012, the so-called Big Six still have an 85 per cent share of the market, but they are haemorrhaging customers at a rate of 120,000 a month.

Luke Watson is one of those trying to upset the energy market’s status quo. The former Royal Navy submariner set up GB Energy at the end of 2014 with the financial backing of Brett Trevalyan.

In its first year, the company achieved…

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