Copy Writing

My experience as a newspaper journalist means I produce good copy fast. I have expertise in business, technology, procurement and environmental issues, and am quick to learn new topics.

PR Companies

I have worked closely with some of the largest PR companies – including Financial Dynamics, Brunswick, Luther Pendragon and Fishburn Hedges – ghost writing opinion pieces and reports that have been picked up by the mainstream media.

I have also written submissions for companies entering key industry awards. I am pleased to say that these have proved successful in the past, although I am not sure I can take full credit for the companies’ achievements.¬†Away from the corporate world, I have written a welcome book and brochure for a luxury yacht.

Advertising Supplements

I have worked with various publishing houses – including Raconteur and Lyonsdown – on advertising supplements that have been distributed in national newspapers.

Think Tanks

I am keen to take on more work putting together academic reports. I have already produced a 12,000-word report on development aid in Europe, for European think tank the Development Policy Forum. I also helped produce a conference report on European financial services, run by the European think tank, Eurofi.

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